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Legal Expertise You Can Rely On

Legal Expertise You Can Rely On



Have you or a loved one recently been arrested in Austin, Texas? We would very much like to help you if you don’t already have an attorney. At this crucial time it is important that you know your rights before appearing in court.  To help you understand what you can expect from the justice system, we have FREE consultations with no obligation to retain our services. Should you decide to retain our services, we do offer payment plans. For your convenience, we also accept most debit and credit cards.

Your Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Goal

Our goal is to get your case dismissed! We have over 20 years of experience defending people charged with criminal offenses.  We have had successful results with DWIs, Assault Cases, Drug Cases, Thefts, Forgeries, Burglaries, Suspended Licenses Cases and many other cases.  We are able to get clients reinstated on probation after a probation revocation motion has already been signed.  We are here to keep you out of jail, informed of your rights and your record clean. It often feels that the law isn't on your side. We’ll work to make the law work for us. The legal justice system is complex. Experience in the ever-changing legal system is important to build a defense to get your case dismissed.

Why hire our ofice?

What you can expect if you hire the Law Office of Charles Popper.  We have a 20 year track record obtaining amazing results on some of the most difficult cases. Charles Popper will personally work on your case.  We take a personal approach to each case. We believe great attention to each case is essential for a positive outcome. Cases are complicated, requiring knowledge of not only factual details, but also of you and what is going on in your life. Charles Popper will always work on your case personally and use his best efforts to try to achieve the best outcome.

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